2002 Graduates – UCSD Medical Scientist Education Program

Rosalyn Cabrera, Universidad de Puerto Rico, BS, Biology
Research Mentor: Robert Parmer, MD, Assoc. IR Professor, Medicine
Project: Is there a relationship between PAI-1 overexpression and cell hypersecretion?
Current Position: Universidad de Puerto Rico, Faculty of Medicine, entering Fall 03; entered the doctoral program in fall 05 (as part of an MD/PhD) at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota
Summary – [1024 kb]
Publications: none

Randon Room, Rutgers University, BS, Exercise Science
Research Mentor: Joseph Witztum, MD, Professor of Medicine
Project: The new face of atherosclerosis
Current position: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, entering Fall 04
Summary – [2126 kb]
Publications: none

Jesus JimenezUniversity of California, San Diego, BS, Bioengineering
Research Mentor: Kirk Hammond, MD Assoc. IR Professor, Medicine
Project: Quantification of gene transfer in rat hearts
Current position: MSTP trainee at Albert Einstein, started in autumn 05
Summary – [133 kb]
Publications: Roth DM, Lai NC, Gao MH, Drumm JD, Jimenez J, Feramisco JR, Hammond HK. Indirect intracoronary delivery of an adenylyl cyclase-encoding adenovirus increases left ventricular contractile function in mice. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2004 Jul;287(1):H172-7. Takahashi T, Lai NC, Roth DM, Rebolledo B, Saito M, Jiminez J, Hammond HK. Increased expression of cardiac adenylyl cyclase is associated with increased survival after myocardial infarction. Broadcast (Submitted) 2005
Summaries: Roth DM, Lai NC, Drumm J, Jimenez J, Spellman M, Hammond HK. (2003) Indirect delivery of intracoronary viral genes to the mouse heart. FASEB 17(4)
A833. Jimenez J, Lai NC, Drumm JD, Burhan J, Roth DM, Hammond HK (2004) Increased left ventricular function after intracoronary administration of an adenovirus gene encoding adenylyl cyclase VI in mice. FASEB 18(5) A1221.
Jimenez J, Hammond HK, Miyanohara A, Takahashi T, Roth DM, Lai NC (2005) Ion Exchange Chromatography Purification of Adeno-Associated Virus Type 5. FASEB 19(5):A1540.

Samelah Reed, Atlanta Clark University, BS in Biology
Research Mentor: Kirk Knowlton, MD, Assist. Professor, Medicine
Project: Neuronal nitric oxide synthesis in viral heart disease
Current Position: Azusa Pacific University, Master of Education and Single Subject Bachelor of Science; considering applying to MSTP
Summary – [36 kb]
Publications: none

Jennifer Thompson, University of Arizona, BS, Mol. And Cell. Biology
Research Mentor: Kenneth Chien, MD/PhD, Professor, Medicine
Project: Analysis of the expression of potassium channel regulation and generation of the ion construct Knowck-0ut KO, KCR-1 The expression would be limited to certain areas of the conduction system. This will provide the data needed to see if the KCR-1 requirement comes from cells found in the brain and heart.
Current Position: UC Berkeley, PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology
Summary – [32 kb]
Publications: none

Jermeliah Todd, Spellman College, BS, Biology
Research Mentor: Sylvia Evans, PhD, Assoc. Adj. Professor, Medicine
Current Position: Intern at Meharry Medical College, starting Fall 03; National Healthcare Scholars Foundation Laureate
Publications: none