Are you hesitant about traditional Chinese medicine? Here are some easy tricks to get your feet wet

Have you wondered why some people are more likely to get sick than others? Or why do some people never seem to have enough energy? These people may have sub-health issues, conditions that have not yet turned into illnesses and manifest as throbbing pain in the neck, shoulders or back due to prolonged hours in front of the computer, or stress-related conditions like chronic diseases. fatigue, headaches or poor quality of sleep.

Factors, both external (like the weather) and internal (emotions, diet, and body composition), can tip the scales of a healthy balance in your body, leading to sub-health issues when that balance is upset. . The strength or weakness of your body constitution determines how likely you are to get sick and how you treat the disease.

For over 140 years, Eu Yan Sang has empowered people to live the highest quality of life through the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Today, Eu Yan Sang has become a trusted name for generations of customers, recognized for its quality and high standards as it works on a holistic approach to health and wellness. In Asia, Eu Yan Sang is recognized as a leader in TCM health and wellness, delivering healthcare innovations that combine the science of medicine with the wisdom of TCM, guided by its mission to “take care of humanity”.

Here’s how TCM can help you keep your body at its peak:

TCM is based on finding the balance of the body between Qi (energetic life force)

The holistic philosophy of TCM emphasizes a natural and preventative approach, involving a wide range of treatments such as herbal remedies, acupuncture (recognized by the World Health Organization as an effective treatment for various conditions and types of pain), Tui Na (therapeutic massage), scraping (Gua Sha), bone crimping and chiropractic techniques. Although TCM does not replace conventional medicine, combining TCM with conventional medicine can give your health an extra boost.

Know your body composition

There are 10 different types of possible body builds and getting to know your body build is the first important step in the TCM health and wellness program. A personal session with the registered TCM doctor at any Eu Yan Sang TCM wellness clinic helps determine your current dominant body constitution and provides lifestyle change tips and simple nutritional recipes for wellness optimal for your particular body constitution.

pain management

Personalized pain management in TCM is done through a combination of acupuncture, Tui Na and herbal medicines to address both the symptoms and the root cause of the problem, leaving a lasting effect with minimal side effects . Acupuncture removes blockages in the meridians and strengthens the circulation of yi and blood, restoring the healthy balance of Yin and Yang to relieve pain. Similarly, Tui Na massages aid in the recovery of adhesions, dispersing blood stasis and swelling, and correct dislocations by stimulating blood circulation and repairing damaged tissue to relieve pain.

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TCM is for everyone

Learn more about Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinics and how they can provide tailored treatment plans for everyone, from children to adults and the elderly, based on their needs and condition.

Traditional Chinese Medicine does not replace conventional medical treatments and pharmaceuticals prescribed by doctors to cure or treat disease. Coconuts Media is not a provider of medical services and cannot substitute for the advice of a physician. This article was produced in partnership with Eu Yan Sang and is intended for educational purposes only.