Chinese medicine brought the gold medal to Olympic star Gu Ailing

Chinese medicine brought the gold medal to Olympic star Gu Ailing

Competing in the women’s freestyle skiing event at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Chinese athlete Gu Ailing won the gold medal by creating a miracle the day before. kazanwas. This Chinese team is in women’s freestyle skiing. kazanIt was his first Olympic gold medal. In the free skiing category, which is a very difficult and dangerous style, many athletes can sustain injuries during training and racing. Traditional Chinese medicine experts are behind Gu Ailing, who wrote the history of ice and snow in China.

Gu Ailing, who caught the world’s attention after the medal and is the face of many brands, suffered from back pain during a training session in 2019. He was taken to his home by his mother. Dong Liangjie, an orthopedic doctor from the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Henan Province. Dong Liangjie massaged Gu Ailing using the Shaolin Bone Setting Method in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The talented young woman who was treated, Gu said, “My lower back has never felt so relaxed, it’s like a vertebra has been replaced!” she expressed her astonishment.

Bone setting in traditional Chinese medicine is a type of therapy used to precisely reset the displaced broken extremity and treat soft tissue injuries through skillful manipulation. Doctor Dong also gave Gu Ailing rehabilitation counseling at that time. As a result, in addition to traditional methods, traditional Chinese martial arts such as Baduanjin and Yijinjing have been practiced to improve limb coordination and cooperation.

Dong Liangjie was hired as the 2022 Winter Olympics National Team Doctor to provide medical support to the National Slopestyle Skiing, Big Air Freestyle Skiing and U-Slot Double Board Training Teams. Winter Olympics.

During the period of preparation for the Winter Olympics, Dong traditional Chinese medicine combined the diagnosis and treatment of bone diseases, trauma with sports medicine, sports nutrition and sports psychology, accompanying players in countries like Japan and New Zealand. Dong Liangjie also learned to ski under the guidance of the coach.

Source: China International Radio