HKT’s Telemedicine Platform DrGo Launches Chinese Medicine Video Consultation

HKT’s one-stop telemedicine platform DrGo announced a partnership with River Cam Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic and South Kwai Chung Social Services Office to launch the Kwai Tsing TCM telemedicine program, offering 100 free Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) video consultation service sessions for residents living in the Kwai Tsing district.

The Kwai Tsing TCM telemedicine program provides patients with a 30-minute telemedicine video consultation, prescribed medications for a minimum of two days (if a prescription is provided), and medication delivery service to a designated address. The program aims to provide TCM care to eligible residents of Kwai Tsing District (with a quota of 100), including those with long COVID symptoms, to help them improve their quality of life in the post-pandemic world. .

DrGo is now one of Hong Kong’s leading telemedicine platforms, connecting users with more than 12 medical partners and 100 medical experts to provide video consultation in general medicine and eight specialist categories, including traditional Chinese medicine, pediatrics, psychological health and family medicine, as well as remote monitoring. and chronic disease management.

The South Kwai Chung Social Services Office previously partnered with DrGo to provide free telemedicine services to the elderly and chronically ill. With this new initiative, they are teaming up again to launch the TCM telemedicine service program. Ms Lo, who is currently in her 60s, was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this year. After her recovery, her symptom of shortness of breath got worse, even after walking for a short time.

Thanks to her participation in the Kwai Tsing TCM telemedicine program, she only has to walk a few minutes to the social services office in South Kwai Chung where she is accompanied by a social worker and receives a video consultation from a TCM practitioner for his respiratory illness. In addition to saving him time to go to a physical TCM clinic, it makes it easier to attend follow-up sessions.

Another participant in the program is Mr. Tsang, who is 70 years old and has suffered from eczema for years. As he lives near the South Kwai Chung Social Services Office, the one-stop TCM video consultation service with same-day drug delivery from the Kwai Tsing TCM telemedicine program motivated him to tackle his health problem. that had affected him for years. In order to raise awareness of Kwai Tsing’s TCM telemedicine program to the community, DrGo traveled a truck in Kwai Tsing district to promote the service, explain the program and help interested people register with DrGo .

Teresa Ng, commercial director of DrGo
DrGo is committed to respecting its corporate social responsibility and contributing to the community. To date, DrGo has provided free video consultation services to over 1,500 people in need. By launching the Kwai Tsing TCM telemedicine program and extending DrGo’s free services to TCM for the first time, we hope to enable patients who need TCM to enjoy the convenience of video consultation services, which can also help to deal with their long-lasting COVID symptoms.

Alan Hoi-Lun Koo, Consultant Practitioner at River Cam Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic
TCM plays an essential role in the treatment of chronic diseases. During the COVID-19 outbreak, TCM has been shown to be effective in relieving symptoms and treating sequelae, as well as for rehabilitation during recovery. Yet many patients who refrained from going out during the outbreak were unable to attend follow-up sessions, which in turn affected the effectiveness of treatment and the pace of recovery. Thanks to advancements in technology, patients can now participate in in-depth TCM video consultations with TCM practitioners while eliminating the hassle of travel and geographic limitations.