Holistic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Sunday, August 21, 2022


Noelia Cherby is a holistic practitioner and in her place she also practices treatments based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.
The energy pathways of soul and body are his substance, so he is able to ensure that “when
Energy, stability is lost. Patients arrive feeling “out of tune”. Phrases like: “No
I know what’s wrong with me”, or “everything is wrong” are what Noelia hears most about her. It’s your job to find the source of that feeling. Learn about different aspects of the patient’s life Depending on the questions asked, try to give him the help he needs most.

For Noelia, the key is to teach those who come to her not to rely on her to heal, but to give them the tools to meditate, breathe, calm down and manage their own states. is to provide.
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Herbal medicine, herbal medicine, moxibustion, acupuncture are some of the practices that fall under traditional Chinese medicine. Always working on energy, this medicine, much older than Western medicine and which served as its basis, is the answer to all ills. Noelia specializes in moxibustion, a herbal treatment called Artemisa, which contains a fan that produces heat, through which it mobilizes and releases energy points. Another treatment he offers in his space is glass cupping in which he applies a very old method. In both cases, the energy is channeled by removing whatever is blocking it.

holistic medicine
The key here is in “self-knowledge”: reasoning about yourself, looking for the “why” of each emotion. when he
The answers are no, it’s time for holistic treatments.
Inherited patterns co-exist with us and affect our lives without us knowing it and hiding in some corner of the world.
Occur. These treatments are questioned about them and it is possible to know the reason for our behavior and feelings. “Understanding and taking responsibility” is the answer, assured Noelia.
Practices offered by Noelia in her practice include biodecoding, access bar healing, and energy movement.
Every disease is caused by a feeling Noelia explains that this premise is very old. traditional Chinese medicine is
It has been based on this since time immemorial. But the encroachment of paternal relations
The effect of emotions on organ health and the importance of self-knowledge. Boys, girls and newborns
The access bar is an exercise that applies to 32 points of the head that move from one hemisphere to the other,
And through which we try to wake them up. Each of them stores information about attitudes related to money,
To the body, to sexuality, inherited from our ancestors. a newborn
A boy, girl or teenager brings with him this transgenerational burden and develops patterns in relation to it.
These alternative treatments try to find answers to certain behaviors or situations in children who
There is no western medicine.

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