Major development project of traditional Chinese medicine

The General Office of the State Council in China distributed the national health plan for the 14th five-year plan. The plan proposes to implement a major project for the revitalization and development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

The plan will implement TCM health promotion and promote the upgrading of TCM health project to treat and prevent diseases. It will also improve the specialty service capacity of TCM hospitals and strive to ensure that all county-level TCM hospitals meet the basic standard of medical service capacity.

The plan is to promote the popularization and application of appropriate technologies of traditional Chinese medicine. It will also explore a rehabilitation service model conducive to the benefits of TCM.

The plan includes items related to promoting the development of a TCM museum, implementing the dissemination of TCM culture, and promoting TCM culture on campus. The plan will also seek to develop TCM health tourism.

China has sent medical specialists to Cambodia as part of China’s first foreign medical aid team specializing in TCM. The country plans to boost international exchanges and cooperation in the field of TCM, according to a five-year development plan (2021-25).

In addition to developing more TCM hospitals and training more practitioners, the plan calls for improving TCM’s ability to fight infectious diseases, building friendship hospitals and pharmaceutical parks, and promoting the registration and use of TCM medicines abroad.

In a statement explaining the development plan, the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine said the international community has praised TCM. However, due to the fundamental differences between the mechanisms and therapies of TCM and those of Western medicine, there remain a number of obstacles regarding the international promotion of TCM in the future.

Cambodia is an ideal testing ground for future collaboration models, as there is a large Chinese population in Cambodia, so a TCM hospital is being built.

China plans to cooperate with countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative to establish 30 TCM centers, 50 collaboration centers and a number of overseas TCM manufacturing centers in the next few years.

China is seeking to expand TCM’s influence by encouraging more non-governmental exchanges, promoting it as a supplement to regular medical services in communities, and seeking help from overseas Chinese.