Nooci’s identity encompasses traditional Chinese medicine

The market for health and wellness supplements has exploded in recent years. Despite this, one of the oldest forms of alternative medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, remains little known in the United States in particular.

Founded by Stephanie Tan, new supplement brand Nooci hopes to bridge that gap for Western audiences. The Hong Kong-born, US-educated entrepreneur hopes to make traditional Chinese medicine supplements more accessible to consumers.

Tan enlisted New York-based creative agency Smakk to create a brand identity for Nooci that would embrace its Chinese heritage, while highlighting the company’s transparent sourcing of ingredients and products, strict manufacturing, sustainable mission and its hospitality philosophy.

“Nooci was on a mission to make traditional Chinese medicine accessible to everyone, and that meant detailing what goes into the production of the supplements and how they have a real impact on well-being,” says Smakk founder Katie Klencheski. .

“Far from a hidden process, Stephanie meticulously sources herbs from around the world – carefully selecting the right age-old ingredients. Our work needed to highlight this, as well as reference her scientific research and innovative technologies. extraction to show where Nooci fits into the wellness journey of a modern client.

Smakk developed the branding, messaging and overall visual identity, balancing a modern approach with older visual cues. The brand, for example, is an abstract representation of yin and yang, an important symbol in traditional Chinese medicine.

Sans serif typography is used to balance out some of the more traditional aspects of the identity and the color palette is overall vibrant and bright, but grounded in more earthy tones, such as sienna brown.

The agency also developed product naming conventions to convey a sense of unity across the product line and communicate the benefits of each product – from ReNoo for women’s longevity to Noo Moon for menstrual support.

A suite of icons represent different categories of herbal ingredients found in Nooci’s herbal supplements, which are illustrated in a more organic and fluid way than typical iconography. These icons are used on packaging and online to help consumers quickly understand products.

The brand’s emphasis on natural elements also extends to the packaging; Noo Moon and Noo Air come in a reusable glass jar to eliminate plastic waste, and the refill pack is made from 100% recyclable materials.