Past Colloquia – 2006 – UCSD Medical Scientist Education Program

monday november 6

Randolph Hasting, MD, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, UCSD School of Medicine

Bernard Wood, MD, Ph.D., D.Sc., Henry R. Luce Professor of Human Origins, Center for the Advanced Study of Hominid Paleobiology, Dept. of Anthropology, George Washington University Deputy Senior Scientist at the National Museum of Natural History, The Smithsonian Institution

Biomedical magazine review: Bakre et al. Parathyroid hormone-related peptide is a natural inhibitor of protein kinase A-dependent angiogenesis. Nat Med 2002; 8:995-1003

Speaker on Career Opportunities: The reconstruction of the history of human evolution through the development and improvement of methods of analysis of the fossil record of hominids; evolution of human growth and development.

Wednesday October 25

Roland Blantz, MD, professor and head, Department of Medicine, Div. of Nephrology-Hypertension

Peter Agre, MD, 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Vice Chancellor for Science and Technology, Professor of Cell Biology, Duke University Medical Center

Biomedical magazine review: Habashi JP et al. Losartan, an AT1 antagonist, prevents aortic aneurysm in a mouse model of Marfan syndrome. Science 2006; 312:117-121.

Speaker on Career Opportunities: Molecular and cellular analysis of water transport through cell membranes in healthy and sick subjects; aquaporins.

Wednesday, September 20

Ajit Varki, MD, Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Associate Dean for Physician-Scientist Education

Judith Swain, MD, Founding Dean for Translational Research and Professor of Medicine

Edward Holmes, MD, Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences, Dean, UCSD School of Medicine, Exe. Dept. Chair Elect, Clinical Translational Sciences, Biomedical Research Council and Lien Ying Chow Professor of Medicine, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore

Biomedical magazine review: “Cytokine Storm in a Phase 1 Trial of Anti-CD28 Monoclonal Antibody TGN1412”, Suntharalingam et al. NEJM 2006:355

Speaker on Career Opportunities: Genetic basis of development and cardiovascular disease. Role of growth factors in angiogenesis. Development of research programs and interdisciplinary collaboration across the continuum of discovery, development and patient care.

Closing comments

monday august 21

Maripat Corr, MD, associate professor of medicine, Div. rheumatology

Patricia Thistlethwaite, MD, Ph.D., associate professor of surgery, Div. of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery

Nissi Varki, MD, Professor of Pathology and Medicine Cancer Biology Program

women in medicine

Monday July 31

Christine Moutier, MD, Asst. Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Asst. Dean, Student and Curriculum Affairs

Robert Hertzka, MD, President, California Medical Association (CMA), Professor, Department of Anesthesiology

Bryan Liang, JD, MD, Ph.D., Professor of Law, California Western School of Law, Exec. Dir., Institute for Health Law Studies

Sanjay Nigam, MD, professor of pediatrics, medicine, and cellular and molecular medicine, author, The Snake Charmer and The transplanted man

Alternatives to the scientific course

Career prospects of a doctor-scientist-writer

Monday May 22

Douglas Richman, MD, Professor of Pathology and Medicine, FS Riford Chair in AIDS Research, Director, UCSD Center for AIDS Research

Helen Ranney, MD, Professor and Chair Emeritus, Department of Medicine

Biomedical magazine review: Mattapallil JJ et al. Massive infection and loss of memory CD4+ T cells in multiple tissues during acute SIV infection. Nature 2005; 434:1080-1.

Speaker on Career Opportunities: Structure and function of hemoglobin, hemoglobinopathies, biochemistry and genetics underlying sickle cell disease

monday april 24

Ravindra Mehta, MBBS, MD, Professor of Medicine, Div. of Nephrology and Hypertension, Assoc. President of Clinical Affairs

Chuck Stevens, MD, Ph.D., Professor and Vincent J. Coates Chair, Molecular Neurobiology, Salk

Biomedical magazine review: Mishra J et al. Neutrophil gelatinase-Assoc.d lipocalin (NGAL) as a biomarker of acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery. Lancet 2005; 365:1231-8.

Speaker on Career Opportunities: Mechanisms responsible for neuronal synaptic transmission. Function of hippocampal synapses; the mechanisms of synaptic plasticity and the relevance of plasticity for neural computations. Molecular basis of neurotransmitter release.

Monday March 27

Anthony Wynshaw-Boris, MD, Ph.D., Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, Director, UCSD Center for Human Genetics & Genomics

Shu Chien, MD, Ph.D., Professor of Bioengineering and Medicine, Director, Whitaker Inst. biomedical engineering

Biomedical magazine review: Iafrate et al. “Detection of large-scale variations in the human genome.” Nat Genet. 2004 ; 36:949-51.

Speaker on Career Opportunities: Effects of mechanical forces on gene expression and signal transduction. Role of biomechanical factors in atherosclerosis. Molecular, cellular and tissue bioengineering.

tuesday february 28

Gary Firestein, MD, Professor of Medicine, Chief, Div. of Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology, Exec. Director, UCSD Center for Innovative Therapy

Sydney Brenner, MD, Emeritus Professor, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, 2002 Nobel Laureate in Medicine

Biomedical magazine review: Camps et al. “Blocking PI3Kgamma Suppresses Joint Inflammation and Damage in Mouse Models of Rheumatoid Arthritis.” NatMed. 2005; 11:936-43.

Speaker on Career Opportunities: Genetics and Molecular Biology; discovery of the existence of mRNA and demonstration of how the order of amino acids is established in proteins; pioneering work with the roundworm C. elegans as a model of nerve cell function, aging and apoptosis.

monday january 23

Sanford Shattil, MD, professor of medicine, editor, Blood

Pedro Cuatrecasas, MD, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Medicine, Chairman, Retired, Parke Davis/Warner Lambert Pharmaceutical Research Div.

Special presentation: “An editor’s point of view: how to write an article for a scientific journal in 2006”

Speaker on Career Opportunities: Affinity chromatography, membrane receptors, signal transduction for insulin and other growth factors; Discovery and development of drugs for diabetes, HIV, bacterial infections, epilepsy, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and depression.