The Spa on Green Street adds Chinese medicine to its treatment options

Worster was clear that these types of treatment do not replace life-threatening illnesses. For The Spa on Green Street, these two practices are meant to work in tandem.
“We kind of work with the medical community,” Worster said. “We don’t believe you should do one or the other, and that’s why we really want people to know their options.

“You work the preventive way in the holistic field. … When you are in an acute situation that could be life threatening, you need to see a doctor for that. This is when you need to use your wisdom to decide which is the best path.

Collins echoed Worsters’ sentiment, saying that while Chinese medicine allows practitioners to treat some symptoms, it’s important for everyone to understand the limitations and benefits of both Eastern and Western medicine.
“If you had a heart attack in front of me, does Chinese medicine have a treatment for that? Well, it’s been about 30 centuries, yes we can process it,” Collins said. “Would I treat you? I may be crazy, I’m not stupid. No, I recognize that if you have a heart attack, you get driven to the hospital.

“Can I heal you first?” Yes. Can I heal you then? Yes, but for the moment, absolutely Chinese medicine is taking a back seat to Western medicine. That being said, there are some things the Chinese handle very well, probably better than Westerners. Then, what’s cool is that the two drugs complement each other, and that’s why, for me, credibility is very important.

The Green Street Spa holds its free Tai Qi classes on Saturday mornings at 9am. Acupuncture treatments are available by appointment and are booked “weeks in advance,” according to Worster.