Traditional Chinese Medicine a Trending Therapy for Stress and Anxiety

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Stress and anxiety levels can be a problem for some people, especially during the pandemic.

According to a local licensed acupuncturist, the traditional Chinese therapy of acupuncture is now used to treat these problems.

Rocio Lopez, acupuncturist and owner of White Pearl Acupuncture & Herbs, says therapy using threadlike needles to stimulate points on the body can help with pain and even emotional distress.

She said the body has over 300 points where energy moves and blood flows and needles are used to stimulate certain areas to relieve symptoms.

“To help encourage blood flow, to help fight inflammation, it helps to stimulate the nervous system, so the type of activity between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, so that’s really great and important for reducing stress as well,” Lopez said.

Lopez said there are many scientific studies that show acupuncture can help with several issues, including high blood pressure, insomnia, chronic pain and mental health.

She said acupuncture is for all ages and she has patients as young as five.

The therapy has gained popularity among healthcare workers, who are also dealing with the stresses of the pandemic, according to Lopez.

“I’ve seen an increase in people in the hospital, a lot of people are overworked and they’re pretty exhausted at this point, so acupuncture served as a form of almost rehab to get them back, at least to a more stable condition,” Lopez said.

Lopez explained that the therapy helps the nervous system by providing patients with restful sleep, less tension and relief from headaches.

She said that although the needles can be intimidating, the therapy is virtually painless.

Lopez recommends that patients consult their primary care physician, therapist, or counselor before beginning acupuncture therapy.