Traditional Chinese medicine company Eu Yan Sang will offer online consultations through a partnership with MyDoc

Eu Yan Sang, a Singapore-based private traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and wellness company, has partnered with MyDoc, a B2B digital healthcare company also based in Singapore, to offer online consultations.


Under the partnership, doctors at Eu Yan Sang will be able to use the MyDoc platform to easily communicate with their patients without being limited to their location or needing an in-person visit. Patients currently registered with Eu Yan Sang could also easily access their preferred TCM doctor wherever they are. With MyDoc, patients seeking TCM care can now choose to minimize exposure to unnecessary risk of person-to-person transmission when traveling to or from the clinic.

Before performing video consultations, doctors at Eu Yan Sang must complete MyDoc’s in-house training, to ensure safe and efficient delivery of online diagnosis for patients. The training program covers content specific to online care delivery workflows, as well as clinical skills relevant to online video consultations.

Patients currently registered with Eu Yan Sang will be able to access the services starting today from the MyDoc app.


TCM practices and stores are quite common in Southeast Asia, especially in countries with a majority Chinese population like Singapore. TCM is a wide range of medical practices sharing common concepts that were developed in China and are based on a tradition of over 2,000 years, including various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (tui na), exercise (qigong) and diet therapy.

Eu Yan Sang’s decision to offer TCM consultations online not only brings comfort and peace of mind to his patients, but could also provide them with the opportunity to provide TCM-related services to a wider audience, more young and more digitally connected.

In July this year, Singaporean medical start-up Oncoshot partnered with MyDoc to give cancer patients access to second opinion advice from leading oncologists, MobiHealthNews reported.


“Eu Yan Sang’s long history of innovation has enabled the company to pass on the Care philosophy from generation to generation, which we will continue to do. Offsite care is a huge trend right now and we are seeing care experiences move from a physician-centric delivery model to a more patient-centric delivery model. We at Eu Yan Sang have responded with new offers like “AskSinseh” for e-TCM advice.

Partnering with MyDoc represents another important step in our transformational journey to create frictionless, yet highly personalized care experiences that allow clients to have their follow-ups without having to leave their homes,” said Lim Swee Cheng, General Manager of Clinical Services and Operational Excellence at Eu Yan Sang Integrative Health, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eu Yan Sang.

Dr. Matthew Lee, Director of Clinical Operations at MyDoc, said, “We are delighted to partner with Eu Yan Sang, to expand our care ecosystem to provide more convenience and treatment options for patients. By working together, we can ensure a seamless transition of care for Eu Yan Sang’s patients from offline to online. This seamless care journey means that patients are supported every step of the way, allowing us to provide safe and effective patient care.