Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor Shows Ripped Body, Sends Internet Buzz (VIDEO) | Life

Traditional Chinese medicine doctor Yuan Herong has gone viral for her incredibly toned physique. — Photo via Instagram/yuanherong1229

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct. 30 – A 30-year-old traditional Chinese medicine doctor from Shandong province in China has caused a stir on social media after posting a series of photos showing his unusually ripped physique.

Fitness fanatic Yuan Herong started training two years ago to build a strong body.

She started hitting the gym five times a week and her grueling workout regimen earned her an athletic look and over 110,000 Instagram followers.

Along with showing off her impressive physique on social media, Herong also works as a part-time doctor and model.

According to UK Daily MailHerong works as a doctor at a traditional Chinese medicine clinic in Qingdao City.

Growing up, Herong said she was always interested in sports, especially martial arts.

But her family encouraged her to pursue medical school because it was a more stable career.

Following the advice of her parents, she pursued a university course until obtaining a doctorate.

But after his school years were over, Herong decided to listen to his heart and try to build muscle.

“I started out taking yoga classes, like Pilates, but realized that workouts like these couldn’t really help me build muscle, so I hired a private instructor to help me. train,” she said.

She then began to practice bodybuilding after meeting a professional bodybuilder Zhang Wei, who encouraged her to enter bodybuilding competitions and devised a training system for her.

“Training is a difficult, painful, tiring and lonely process.

“But when I saw my muscles getting more and more toned, I felt it was worth it.”

Herong’s hard work paid off recently when she won second place in the women’s class A competition in a national championship organized by the Chinese Bodybuilding Association.


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In the future, the determined bodybuilder aspires to practice martial arts and become a kung fu fighter.

“After earning the money, I will use it to hire a master and learn martial arts.

“I never gave up on my martial arts dream,” she added.