USANA Partners with US Center for Chinese Medicine for Joint Research Symposium

USANA’s Dr. Rob Sinnott (center) and Dr. Jeremy Tian (center-left) at the US Center for Chinese Medicine in Maryland

USANA continues its commitment to the continued exploration of the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) through a joint research symposium. In partnership with the US Center for Chinese Medicine, the partnership seeks to discover how TCM can complement popular wellness products and practices.

“The goal of this symposium was to explore new perspectives for the integration of Chinese and Western medicine and assess their impact on society and the economy,” said Dr. Rob Sinnott, USANA Chief Scientific Officer. . “We have shared specific research projects that will help develop new interventions that promote well-being. In addition to myself and USANA’s Director of New Product Research, Dr. Jeremy Tian, ​​several USCCM speakers attended the symposium. They are among the most knowledgeable doctors and TCM experts in the world. Our hope is to see public interest in TCM continue to grow.

The joint research symposium is an extension of USANA’s five-year collaboration with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM), which aims to bring together scientists and research around modern nutritional science and TCM while developing more products and protocols that support global health and wellness.