‘What’s wrong with TCM?’ Netizens divided over MOH advice on Chinese medicine claiming to treat Covid-19, Singapore News

On Wednesday November 17, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) issued an advisory on a type of Chinese medicine, Lianhua Qingwen, which claims to be able to prevent and treat Covid-19.

He said that while certain Lianhua Qingwen products “are listed as Chinese proprietary medicines in Singapore for the relief of cold and flu symptoms”, they have been “approved based on the documented uses of the ingredients present in the products”.

However, they are “not approved by the HSA to treat or alleviate symptoms of Covid-19”.

“To date, there is no scientific evidence that Lianhua Qingwen products are safe and effective against Covid-19,” HSA added.

He also strongly advised members of the public to seek medical attention for proper treatment of Covid-19, and urged them not to “fall prey to unsubstantiated claims or spread unsubstantiated rumors that products with herbal medicine can be used to prevent or treat Covid-19”.

Shortly after the infographic was posted on the Ministry of Health (MOH) Facebook page, comments from netizens poured in. Within five hours, the post garnered more than 1,400 shares and nearly 600 comments.

Internet users’ comments were divided. Some continued to express their faith in Chinese medicine as a cure for Covid-19, contrary to the message from the Ministry of Health.

Others also took a more neutral stance, saying it can help ease symptoms of the virus, but noted it was not a cure.


Then there were those who disputed that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) was the target of the advisory.


Last Saturday, the Ministry of Health also issued an advisory regarding the use of ivermectin as a treatment for Covid-19.

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